Blue Peacock Antiques
Featuring over 9,000 square feet of treasures from fine antique dealers!

About Us

Blue Peacock Antiques is the realization of a dream that began over 25 years ago when owners Tanya and Scott Singleton first met and discovered their mutual love for antiques and collectibles.

They looked forward to the day they could open their own business that would include a wide range of items – from fine antiques, unusual pieces, rare collectibles and cherished heirlooms – all on display in a well-lit, clean and friendly environment.

As long time Winchester, Virginia residents, Tanya and Scott Singleton have forged strong ties with many of the area’s finest dealers whose hand-picked collections of antiques and collectibles are now available in the mall.

In addition, Tanya and Scott continue to seek out new additions on their own “treasure hunts” around the antique-rich countryside. They also select only the best of the many items brought into the mall for sale by private owners.

peacock+vintage+image--graphicsfairy15Why “Blue Peacock Antiques”?

The name, Blue Peacock Antiques, comes from Tanya’s love of these majestic birds and how the peacock symbolizes integrity, spirituality, awakening, refinement, and the beauty we can achieve when we show our true colors. The many wonderful colors you’ll see in our mall reflect the “true colors” of our mission – to provide customers with a colorful shopping experience as they discover the many outstanding antiques, collectibles and one-of-a-kind items we continue to offer.

Thank you for visiting our website. You’re invited to come and discover all the wonderful items at The Blue Peacock soon!

Our Location in Old Town Winchester

Our home on North Loudoun Street sits in the heart of Old Town Winchester on the popular Pedestrian Mall. This stately building  was built in 1868. With its long history in Winchester and ideal location today, this is a perfect place for our business…and for shopper and collectors.

We love having all our displays on one floor – no more stairs or elevator. Now you can take your time to browse the many different selections we have  including books, vinyl records, art, fine collectibles, estate jewelry, silverware, military and sports memorabilia, vintage toys,  glassware and much more!

Whenever you come to visit Blue Peacock Antiques, you’ll also love to stroll Old Town Winchester, where you can sit outside at a cafe or dine by a fireplace, shop one of a kind stores or enjoy a live music event.